Sheet Loader Optimum for automation and continuous unattended operation

Sheet Loader

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Sheet Loader and Processing Equipment

Sheet Loader Features


Very simple operation and improved productivity

User-friendly scheduler (production management) enables unattended nighttime operation.


Substantial functions

The sheet stocker is equipped with loader/unloader functions. A micro joint separation system can also be added.


Improved Safety and Reliability

Equipped with a safety fence and sensors.

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Main Specifications

Model  GS1048
Workpiece dimensions Max. 1,219 × 2,438 mm
Maximum workpiece weight 75 kg
Applicable materials SUS, AL, SPCC, SECC, SPHC
Maximum workpiece sheet thickness 3.2 t
Pallet dimensions [Length] 2,800 mm, [Width] 1,280 mm, [Height] 75 mm
Maximum load capacity 2,000 kg
Number of pallets 10
Stocker elevation speed Max. 6.5 m/min
Traverse speed Max. 15 m/min
Pallet carriage speed Max. 15 m/min
Lift-up speed Max. 2 m/min
Loader transportation speed Max. 40 m/min
Unloader transportation speed Max. 40 m/min
Brush conveyor traveling speed Max. 40 m/min
Supply air pressure 5 kg/cm2
Supplied power 3-Phase, 200V, 50/60 Hz/3-phase, 220V, 60 Hz [Scheduler] Single-phase, 100V
Other attachments Magnetic floaters
DB detection device
Material sensor
Air blower for separation
Positioning device
Safety guards