Message from the President

Machines and devices are used to solve numerous problems and challenges that occur all around the world. These have played major roles in a variety of situations in the modern history: they have served to make people’s lives more convenient and affluent, to liberate people from heavy labor, to protect people from disasters or help them restore and reconstruct disaster-stricken areas, and to protect the precious planet we live on. I believe their roles will only continue to become increasingly important going forward.

Since our founding in 1965, TAGAMI EX has manufactured products and components related to machines and devices. Our business has grown, little by little, with the support of each of our many customers and suppliers. Starting from our origins producing and repairing thin sheet metal products, TAGAMI EX has gradually expanded our operations into other fields of manufacturing, such as thick plate welding, machining, designing, and assembly, and we have been involved in a wide variety of fields, including machine tools, sheet metal and forging machinery, construction machinery, and environmental machinery.

Our mission is to contribute to developing infrastructure around the world and conserving the environment through the development, manufacture, sales, and servicing of these machines and devices. To do so, we work hard each and every day to develop new technologies and methods to continue to be highly regarded by our customers.

We are motivated by the motto “MUKYOKU” -- The Enduring Quest for Creativity and Improvement -- as we focus our professional spirit on producing each and every one of our products before sending it out into the world.

We will never give up on our efforts to create a great future.


Yoshihiro Tagami
President, TAGAMI EX Co., Ltd.

Management Philosophy

  • · Always offer safe and creative products, with high quality and reliability, taking customers’ points of view into account.
  • · Contribute to global society and environmental conservation through manufacturing activity.
  • · Aim to stabilize and improve employees’ lifestyles.


Corporate Profile

  • - Name TAGAMI EX Co., Ltd.
  • - Established January 1965
  • - Incorporated July 1969
  • - Address (Headquarters Plant)
    Google Map
    Nishi 2-2, Ao-machi, Nomi-shi, Ishikawa-ken, 923-1101, Japan
    TEL: 0761-57-3525
    FAX: 0761-57-3528
    (West Plant)
    Google Map
    Nishi 1-2, Ao-machi, Nomi-shi, Ishikawa-ken, 923-1101, Japan
    TEL: 0761-57-8285
    FAX: 0761-57-8280
    (Terai Plant)
    Google Map
    Ha-31 Terai-machi, Nomi-shi, Ishikawa-ken, 923-1121, Japan
    TEL: 0761-57-3526
    FAX: 0761-57-3527
    (FAB Techno Center)
    Google Map
    Nishi 705-1, Ao-machi, Nomi-shi, Ishikawa-ken, 923-1101, Japan
    TEL: 0761-57-4570
    FAX: 0761-57-4593
    (Kosugi Plant)
    Google Map
    I-143-1, Sendai-machi, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa-ken, 923-0041, Japan
    TEL: 0761-23-7260
    FAX: 0761-23-7261
  • - Capital 62 million yen
  • - Officer Yoshihiro Tagami, President
  • - Number of Employees 261people (as of November 2023)
  • - Site Area Headquarters·West Plant: 23,900m2
    Terai Plant: 6,600m2
    Kosugi Plant: 2,970m2
    FAB Techno Center: 26,000m2
  • - Plant Area Headquarters·West Plant: 11,800m2
    Terai Plant: 5,200m2
    Kosugi Plant: 1,300m2
    FAB Techno Center: 9,000m2
  • - Affiliated Company Changzhou TAGAMI EX Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Province, China)···Chinese Language Pamphlet (PDF)
    Create Co., Ltd.
  • - Business Activities Development, design, manufacturing, and sales of industrial, construction, environmental machinery, and peripheral equipment.
  • - Main Products Construction machinery parts and attachments, sheet loaders, press brakes, shearing machines, plasma cutting machines, dies for press brakes, conveyor belts, wood chippers and shredders, conveyor equipment
  • - Main Customers Komatsu Group, Okada Aiyon Corporation, IHI Group, GIKEN LTD., TRUMPF, Husqvarna Zenoah Co., Ltd., Tsudakoma Corp., Sonoruka Engineering Co., Ltd., KOKEN BORING MACHINE CO., LTD., TECHNO HORIZON CO., LTD.
  • - Sales 13,245 million yen (period ended June 2023)


  • 1965 Established an ironworks business in Kosugi, Terai-machi, Nomi-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture.
    Began production of sheet metal parts using techniques for thin sheet metal work.
  • 1967 Began doing business with Komatsu Ltd.
    Began production of large sheet metal parts. Constructed Plant No.1.
  • 1969 Incorporated with 3 million yen in capital. Company name changed to Tagami Iron Works Co., Ltd.
  • 1973 Began production of machined parts. Constructed Plant No.2.
  • 1977 Established the Design Department.
  • 1978 Capital increased to 10 million yen.
  • 1980 Began production of press brakes and shearing machine assemblies.
  • 1984 Relocated all plants to the Terai-machi Ironworks Industrial Park.
  • 1986 Became a member of the Komatsu Midori-kai.
  • 1988 Capital increased to 20 million yen.
  • 1990 Awarded the Komatsu Quality Control Prize.
    New factory completed in the Ao Industrial Park.
    Company name changed to TAGAMI EX Co., Ltd.
  • 1993 Began production of small-diameter pipe jacking machines (Iron Moles).
  • 1997 Constructed Ao Plant No.2 (current Headquarters Plant No.2).
    Capital increased to 50 million yen.
    The CIRCLEAN muddy water treatment system commended by the Ishikawa prefectural governor as a Superior New Ishikawa Brand Product.
    Began production of boom assemblies for rough-terrain crane LW100.
  • 1998 Received ISO9001 certification.
    Received a commendation from the Hokkoku Bank Industrial Promotion Foundation.
    Began production of ChipperShedder wood chipper shredders.
  • 1999 Received the Ishikawa Venture Special Technology Award.
    Constructed the West Plant.
    Headquarters relocated to the Ao Industrial Park.
    Create Co., Ltd. established.
  • 2000 Capital increased to 62 million yen.
    Began production of the Twister series of plasma cutters.
  • 2001 Renovated the Kosugi Plant where the company was founded and began production of dies for press brakes and GATLING Press Centers.
    Received ISO14000 certification.
  • 2002 Sawdust making machine commended as a Superior New Ishikawa Brand Product.
    Began production of conveyor assemblies.
  • 2003 Began production of front frames for wheel loaders.
  • 2004 Exhibited the MJS specification sheet loader at JIMTOF (Japan International Machine Tool Fair).
  • 2005 Began production of crusher frames.
  • 2006 FAB Techno Center established.
  • 2008 Constructed West Plant (No.2 Plant).
    Began production of wheel loader boom assemblies.
  • 2009 Awarded the grand prize (METI Minister Award) at the IT Management Awards for Small and Medium Enterprises 2009 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
    Began production of bulldozer truck frame assemblies.
  • 2010 FAB Techno Center No.2 Plant added.
    Established Changzhou TAGAMI EX Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Province, China).
    Began production of KAMSATT (crusher attachment).
  • 2011 Began production of automated peripheral equipment for TRUMPF laser processing equipment.
  • 2012 Began production of X-ray inspection equipment.
  • 2013 Exhibited the HORNET, a full automated single side spot welding machine, at MF-Tokyo 2013. Began sales of HORNET.
    West Plant site expanded.
  • 2014 Began production of OKADA AIYON crushers (fine crusher).
    Developed the Drum Chipper wood chipper for biomass power generation.
    Expanded the West Plant No.1.
  • 2015 Commemorated 50th anniversary.
    Exhibited the Drum Chipper at the 66th National Tree Planting Festival Ishikawa 2015.
  • 2016 Selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a Vibrant HABATAKU Small and Medium Enterprises 300.
    Began production of the Silent Piler pile driver.
  • 2017 Certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as one of the Companies Driving Regional Growth.
  • 2018 Complete relocation of Group company Create Co., Ltd. to a new plant (within the Ao Industrial Park).
  • 2019 Developed and began sales of the Reforester backpack type hole driller for tree planting.
  • 2020 Developed the Raku-Rack press brake die changer.

Quality Assurance
Environmental Preservation

In 1998, TAGAMI EX Co., Ltd., obtained ISO9001 certification, the international standard for quality assurance, for consistency in development, production and testing. The company also obtained ISO14001 certification in 2001.
In accordance with our policy of “providing users with products that conform to the highest international standards,” all of our employees work together on ongoing improvement and global environment preservation activities to produce high-quality products that will earn us the trust of our customers.

(Headquarters, Headquarters Plant, West Plant, Terai Plant, FAB Techno Center)

Quality & Environmental Policies

While developing, manufacturing and selling construction machinery, machine tools, industrial machinery and peripheral equipment, as well as environmental machinery for, among other purposes, processing discarded lumber, we at TAGAMI EX Co., Ltd. conform with our basic corporate philosophy in providing products that, from the point of view of our customers, are safe, creative, high-quality and reliable. Moreover, we contribute to the international community and to environmental preservation through our corporate activities, and with our world-class technology and spirit of “unlimited possibilities”--our company creed--we aim for healthy growth of both our company and individuals.

Slogan “To provide users with products that meet the highest international standards”

  • In order to contribute to the international community and environmental preservation, and increase our customers’ level of satisfaction, we will promote the prevention of environmental pollution and carry out ongoing improvement of our management system.
  • We will adhere to environment-related laws and regulations and other requirements agreed to by our company in all aspects of our business activities, and provide products and services that meet the requirements of our customers.
  • We will tackle the following important issues related to product quality and environmental management:
    a) Cost improvement through increased efficiency at each stage of production.
    b) Appropriate management and reduction of industrial wastes such as iron powder, waste oil, waste paint and packing materials from items received.
    c) Improvement of quality, cost and the environment through 5S activities both inside and outside the factory
  • We will make this policy known to our employees and everybody involved in our projects, and all of us will work together to achieve the policy goals.
  • This policy will be released to the public.

Established on July 1, 2005
Revised on July 1, 2006
Revised on July 1, 2009

TAGAMI EX Co., Ltd. President
Yoshihiro Tagami