Work faster and freer. Fully automated single end spot welder HORNET

Fully automated single end spot welder


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HORNET Features


This is a single end welder, so it has a high degree of freedom for the subject workpiece shape and avoiding tool interference.


The highly rigid frame and special power supply combination enable high-speed welding of 1.5 sec per spot weld and a welding thickness of 2.3 mm.


The servo motor pressure application and load cell combination enables pressure compensation for all welds.


Compared to conventional robots, the equipment takes up less floor space and the layout can be easily changed.


Using a jig changer makes single setup possible.

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Main Specifications

Drive system Servo motor driven 5-axis type
X-axis stroke 1,500 mm
Y-axis stroke 1,200 mm
Z-axis stroke 500 mm
θ1-axis stroke ±90°
θ2-axis stroke ±90°
Jig table (reference) Servo motor driven rotation type
±180° 3.0 sec/180°
Loaded weight 400 kg/surface × 2 surfaces
Max. applied pressure 4,900 N (500 kgf)
Average welding speed 1.5 sec/weld*
Total weight 7,000 kg
Welding power supply DC inverter type
Rated capacity 130 kVA
Max. current 12 kA
Applicable workpieces Normal steel sheet, surface treated steel sheet
Stainless steel sheet, high-tensile strength steel sheet
Supplied power Main unit 200/220V
3-Phase 50/60 Hz
Welding power supply 400/440V
3-Phase 50/60 Hz
Supplied air Pressure 0.5 MPa
Flow rate 25 L/min or more (0.5 MPa)
Supplied cooling water Main unit flow volume 10 L/min
Weld power supply flow volume 11 L/min

These specifications are for the standard type. These specifications can be changed at customer request.

*The specifications might not be satisfied depending on the shape of the workpiece.

○The appearance and specifications, etc., of this product may be changed without notice to make improvements.